Sunday, July 27, 2014

My landlady is famous!

About a month ago, my landlady was surprised by a camera crew who came to interview her about her garden for the program "Najbolji Vrt" (Best Garden). Someone has recommended her garden as this year the flowers are looking particularly amazing! All I have to do is water the ones on my balcony and she pretty much does the rest... (and she usually has to remind me to water anyway!)

Every year she plants the new flowers, tends to the old ones, mows the lawn, keep everything watered and trimmed, and just does a fantastic job... so it was really great that she got some recognition for her hard work! 

I managed to get the below sneaky pic from my balcony while they were interviewing her. You can see some of the beautiful flowers, including the ones on my balcony! She really deserves to be on the program!


Victor said...

Super cool! Is it a competition show? How long are the segments on each garden?

Belinda Chaplin said...

No, it isn't a competition show, more like a show which features nice gardens and give advice to people on how they do it... so they were asking her all kinds of questions about gardening and how much time and effort it all is, etc.

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