Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian Floods...

My heart is heavy... Watching the news, and seeing the reports of how many people have died, how many displaced...  meeting with people in Banja Luka and surrounds who have lost everything in their houses... and realising the scale of things when just in Banja Luka they say over 2000 homes have been flooded - and we weren't even that badly affected: the whole of the cities of Doboj, Samac, Bijelina, etc were all under water...and that is just in Bosnia - don't forget Serbia and Croatia were hit as well... and not just homes, but infrastructure, bridges, etc destroyed... my heart is just full of sadness for everything that is going on...

And then I think about the good side: the thousands of young and old people who have mobilised to help: sorting out humanitarian aid, helping people clear away debris and crap (literally, unfortunately, this is the reality of flooding in cities...) from their houses... helping to build up flood defenses so the rivers don't come into even more areas... and just getting out and helping others!!

A good example of people helping others: I was watching a report last night on TV when a reporter asked someone on the street in the city of Doboj what they needed most and the man humbly replied "well I really wish I could have those kind of boots like you have on (rubber boots) as all I have is plastic bags over my shoes (showing the shoes) and they don't work, my feet have been wet for 3 days..." and the reporter sits down on a bench, takes off his boots and gives them to the man and walks off...

Let us hope that this kind of kindness and giving attitude continues, as the hard part is just beginning!

There have been enough photos of the horror of the floods - you can just google and find all that you want. So, I wanted to share some fun ones with you instead - and this one is also a little good news: at least for the one cow who managed to find her way to safety by climbing up onto the second floor...hehe
And another, just for fun as well - if you are in trouble and you can't do much about it, you may-as-well play your accordion and have a good time while you wait for help to arrive...love it!

If you are a praying person, please keep these countries in your prayers.

If you want more information about what is going on - here are some links:

If you want to help in some way, you can contact me on the form down below right ->

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Victor said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story and providing instances of love, kindness, and others-focus. It's heart warming among the sadness and tragedy. I've done disaster relief work before so I know what it's like and it's tough. My hat to you and all the others who are there working alongside people who are trying to stay safe and trying to rebuild in the aftermath.

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