Thursday, May 08, 2014

Always expect the unexpected...

Yesterday, Ljilja and I went again to Celinac (about 15 minutes from Banja Luka) to finish up the Business training we started last week. The kids did really well and here they are with their certificates. The lady in red is Ziada who set up the training for us.
While we were doing the training in the morning, the school director came to see what we were doing. He was so enamoured that he asked us if we were free in the afternoon to come and work with a younger group. Granted it was mostly because one of his teachers was out sick and he was looking for a replacement, but it was also a way to get some more of the kids thinking differently about business. Despite the fact that we actually had a full afternoon, we managed to turn it around and make it work.

We went through the first day of the training, Ljilja did the explanation at the beginning and here I am summing up at the end:
And here is the group at the end of the training: we had a great time with them - and they learnt a lot.
We got back to Banja Luka and I got things ready for our health workshop with Tanja and Natasha. After having a good time with them last time, we were not expecting to have problems with the kids this week. Unfortunately, for some reason, even the kids that are normally good were giving us problems...not to talk about the normally troublesome kids... and so it was really hard for us to teach anything. In the end we called their carer and sent some of the kids to go get ready for bed, and it was much better after that...

Once again Tanja did most of the heavy lifting and Natasha and I helped. This time we did a little play for the kids (wish I could have got a pic of us - Tanja and I with cigarettes trying to convince Natasha that she wants to smoke, and her having none of it!! You will just have to imagine it...). Here is Tanja showing the kids some of the different poisons that are found in cigarettes: 
I think it was good that we sent some of the kids away (even though it is kind of like admitting defeat) as the rest of the kids were then actually able to learn something... (and we went up later to go say goodnight and make peace with them so they wouldn't be too mad with us!) 

It is always good to expect the unexpected and adjust accordingly... and yesterday was the kind of day where unexpected was the order of the day!


Victor said...

I love how you do relevant activities like health and business training in your faith work.

How common is cigarette smoking there? In many places in Europe, it's the norm. So I'm wondering how much against the culture you're working.

Belinda Chaplin said...

Smoking is really common here - but we are teaching them to go against the norm :) We got them to write postcards to people whom they know that smoke to tell them to stop smoking...and all of them knew someone :)

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