Sunday, April 06, 2014

Working with children is always fun...

On Thursday it was time to take the children from our reading club at the Children's Home to the library... there are more kids now in the club, and so it is a bit more a challenge, but as always it was a lot of fun!

In the below photo we seem to be overwhelming the lovely librarian, Vesna, just a teensy bit... we need to first return our books from last time and then find new books. The children choose (with our help) then Tanja keeps a record of what new books are taken out so if something gets lost we know what book each child has... (and unfortunately the books do get lost sometimes :( )
Once they have their books it is time for them to play with the volunteers in the library play room, which is a LOT of fun... and the volunteers are WONDERFUL!
But, I think the best part of the whole trip for the kids is actually the ride to and from the library in the kombi/van (and now that there is more of us one of my colleagues come as well in their car)... we sing loudly along to the radio, tell silly stories, and just generally have fun... and every time we get back they want to keep on driving!!

Now, every Sunday, for the last 7 weeks, my colleagues (and with me helping some of the time...) have been running a wonderful workshop for some of our sponsorship children using material from Samaritan's Purse (who do the shoebox Operation Christmas Child packages). I enjoy going along as I help with the games (the fun part!) and the singing (which is also fun!). Today we played my favourite party game: eating chocolate with a knife and fork! And of course I didn't get any pictures of that...

I did get pictures of some of the more serious parts... Dragana and Ljilja leading a discussion on giving and receiving:
'A'* reading so seriously for all of us from the amazing material (which has been translated into the local language!). It has stories, games, activities, and is just really fun... and at the end of the 12 week program they get a certificate to say they took part :)
And here is at least one picture of us doing something fun - singing with actions:
It is also fun because if we answer questions, we get prizes... and today that included some weird teeth-like sweets :) But the below photo is proof that I got an answer right! Yay!
Now the bible tells us we need to become like little children...but even I admit sometimes I do take this a little toooo literally. However, when it comes to working with children, having a fun side does help :)

*due to child protection I am deliberately not putting identifiable pictures or names of children on my blog

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Victor said...

My favourite part was eating chocolate with a knife and fork! Long live children!

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