Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trip to UK and France...

I needed to go to a conference in Lyon, France and when I looked at the price of tickets it was about the same to go via the UK as to go directly, so I took the opportunity to see some friends and my family on the way there and back. I just realised that I didn't get any pictures with my sister and brother-in-law, but I did spend most of my time with the kids, so it is understandable...

Here are James, Amy and I with the Bosnian honey heart cakes we made together (they had to translate the recipe from Bosnian, and they did a great job of figuring it out!): We all started out wearing hats, but Amy lost hers along the way... we also have a whole video of the cake making - needless to say we had fun :) 
I also had another chance to see James singing at Magdalen College Chapel. He is now Head Chorister, and as he just turned 13, there is no way to know how much longer he will actually be able to sing, so it was great to get the opportunity to see him in action!
Then I spent a night with some dear friends in London and of course didn't get a pic with them :( It was great seeing them even if it was whistle-stop as I had to fly out very early on Monday morning to the conference in Lyon... The amazing thing was that without even coordinating I sat next to fellow YWAMers on both flights to and from France - and it wasn't as if they will full of YWAMers, either: one had 6 of us, the other 5... so it really was funny.

The conference was amazing. It was for Western European leaders, but they had invited us from Central Europe to come as well- and there was about 20 of us which was really great! 280 people at the conference in total, and it was really long days - from 9am-9.30pm and with half an hour travel to and from the venue made for very long days... but it was worth it: Here is one of the plenary sessions which were held in a large (and stunning) church building
One of the highlights was catching up with and spending time with my friend Belinda - here we are at the other venue (for lunch, dinner and afternoon workshops...and another 20 minute walk there and back - we did a LOT of walking!).
The food was amazing... here is how they cooked most of it: remember 280 people and they had no kitchen to speak of! They did amazingly well with figuring out how to do it all!
I stayed an extra day (because of flights) and so had some time to do some sightseeing on the Friday. Here are some remains of the amphitheatre from the Roman city of Lugdunum... which is featured in Asterix and Obelix!! 
 St John the Baptist's Cathedral (or in French St Jean-Baptiste):
 A view of the Notre Dame Cathedral on the hill...
 And a view from inside. It was magnificent! Well worth the trek up the hill :)
Although it wasn't too bad of a trek as our youth hostel was also up the hill (so I had to go most of the way anyway) and there was a funicular to halfway which helped. Here is a pic from the terrace of the hostel - it really was a lovely place to stay...
Then it was time to say goodbye to Lyon, and go back to the land of English to stay with my friends near Stoke-on-Trent. It was great to be able to see them: and after trying to find a time to get a pic of all of us, so that I would have one, we finally got it together on the morning before I left:
Trevor, Anna, Carol, Christopher and I
And Trevor forgot to put his "collar" on for the pic, so I got another one with him - he is a Curate, and will soon be a Vicar, but he is still Trevor-who-can't-keep-a-normal-face-for-photos it seems :)
Then it was time to go back to my sister's for one more night... and spend some quality time with my nephew and niece... Here is a "selfie" Amy and I took on the trampoline :)
I come back full of great memories, good times and ready for things here in Bosnia!

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Victor said...

Wow! Sorry I missed you. Just got back from Israel. The food at the conference looks AMAZING!! And your family looks lovely. I hope to be a nephew or niece one day!!

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