Friday, February 28, 2014

Working hard for their money...

Well, not really. as both teams we have staying with us and helping are volunteer teams, so they are paying to come and work on our building!! Yeah, the "French" team, besides running English classes and other stuff are also helping our Finnish team (who came specifically to work on the building) to work on the building... Here is a before pic and a pic of both teams in front of the building as it looks now: much of the work has been done on the inside, but you can see the difference on the outside as well!

The Finnish team is made up of our ex-colleague, Miika and his family and friends - the Jarvellas visited last year (see here) and when they heard that we would have a new building committed to come and bring people to help work on it. Miika's dad and Sanna's parents and sister and another member of their church are all here and have been working really hard this week. My team has been doing their ministry and when they have time helping out with the clearing up and other fun stuff. Here are some pics:

I think the last one is my favourite - that is Rami's daughter, Rebecca, with the sledgehammer, and I just love the way the guys are looking on :)

EKC Ihtus has continued to function despite being a building site, and so clearing up the mess and dust has been part of my job description this week :) But it is all worthwhile if it moves things along in our new building!! It is already a lot different from when we moved in, and it so great to see how things are moving along this week with both teams working hard on it!

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