Saturday, February 22, 2014

More happenings with the "French" team...

Today we went to the Children's Home to play with the kids and had a great time... the team mostly used the international language of football to interact with the kids, and are so popular they were asking when we were coming back, which is always a good thing!

Of course I didn't take a camera, and didn't get any pictures, so you will have to make do with the pictures from last night's International Cultural Night - we also had a great time with the more than 40 people who squished into our new place:
It started with some fun presentations about each of the team's places of origin - the 3 Americans are from Ohio, Texas and California, so it is quite representative of the USA's different regions!  And then we also learnt more about Canada, Germany and Columbia as well - the team did a really good job of keeping it light and interesting, and I even learnt a few things I didn't know before!
Our volunteer Natasa (second from right) came with her two roommates and a neighbour, and it seems as if they had a good time, as did pretty much everyone who came :)
Then it was time to head upstairs and enjoy some of the lovely food prepared by the team: (and I helped out a bit with the brownies, because their oven is tiny!)
Then most people stayed to hang out with the team until late :)
It was a great evening, and for the first in our new place went off really well! We have been doing a lot of other things as well, but these are the highlights from the last two days :) Hope you enjoyed the catchup!

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