Wednesday, January 22, 2014

South Africa

I just got back to Banja Luka after a fantastic almost 3 week break in South Africa. I went to spend time with my mom, see my friend Helen who was visiting from Australia and catch up with whomever else I could along the way of having a holiday... and I managed to succeed in all these endeavours :)

Here are some pictures: (I didn't have a camera, so most of these are borrowed - thanks guys - or off my phone camera...enjoy!)

Christmas #2 - we celebrated again as a family on the 1st of Jan as I only arrived on the 31st of December... No one complained :) My sister and her family left on the 2nd already so we only overlapped by a little, but at least we got to see each other!
One day we had a braai (barbecue) with friends from all over - besides Bosnia, Australia, England and South Africa were all represented:
Another day we had a few other people over to tea. Here I am with my friend, Helen, and her husband, Rhett (who live now in Australia, and I hadn't seen in 9 years) and my mom:
Helen and Rhett and I spent one day going to Cape Point and Boulders together with their two kids, Emma and Matt - don't have a pic with them...but I do have a pic of Helen and I acting like kids: does that count? Enjoying a chocolate digestive together - a reminder of a 6-week trip round England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales that we took in 1997 together!
The weather was not kind to us on that day - in my winter jacket in summer in Cape Town! Even the penguins thought it was cold! But we still had fun!
Mom and I went to a few shows, including the ROCKY HORROR:) Here we are after the show with Frank N. Furter, who was AWESOME!
There was some lovely weather - and Mom and I got a few beach days in: Here I am on St James beach :) so lovely!
One day we were joined by my friend Rina, and we had such a great time we didn't want it to end...
Otherwise, I managed to catch up with a lot more people, but didn't get photos of all of them. I also shared in my church on my last Sunday morning and on my last night went to see Johnny Clegg at one of the Kirstenbosch Summer concerts along with 5000 people! It is an open air theatre in the middle of the botanical gardens, and it was a stunning way to end my time in SA!
And while I have been gone the temperature has been unusually high for this time of year - from 10-15 degrees above the average high for January of 1°. Ljilja jokingly said the cold and snow was waiting for me to get back... well she may have been joking: but unfortunately it is going to come true! It is going to blizzard this weekend and next week the highs are in the -5 to -6°C range! Can I go back to Africa?
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