Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Party!

Yesterday we had our annual Children's Christmas party. Most of the children are in our sponsorship project (and their siblings), and we also include other children dear to us! Here we all are at the beginning of the program:
The first song was led by a special band. My colleague, Rami, has been teaching two of the sponsorship kids how to play instruments: Bojan on the drums (and he is really good!)
And Bojana on the bass - below left, with one of Rami's daughters - Claudia - on the guitar.
Then it was our turn to lead the next two songs: And we are as Ljilja called us "an international band" as Henri (on drums), his wife, Suvi (on piano) and Rami (on bass guitar) are all from Finland, and, of course, me on guitar from South Africa! 
Then it was the turn of our youth to act out the Christmas play: which they did really well. And well done to Rami and his wife, Katja-Maaria, for the staging: for instance: the fire actually flickers - Rami did an amazing job with the sets, and Katja-Maaria with the costumes and props!
Here is the whole team: from Prijedor and Banja Luka (and they did the same play in Prijedor and Sanski Most for their Christmas parties!) Well done everyone! (I love Maria's nail polish!)
Then it was time to hand out the packages: Here is Ljilja with Bojana, one of our sponsorship children and her little sister.
 And all of the children showing off their packages!!
It really was a great program, and I think everyone enjoyed it!


Victor said...

Cool! How does your sposorship programme work? Which organisation is it through?

Belinda Chaplin said...

It is through Fida International and most sponsors are from Finland, some from Sweden and there are local sponsors as well. We call them "kum"s (which is like godparent and it is so much better than "sponsor"! It is for children who are from disadvantaged families. They are helped monthly with money for school supplies and other necessities for their education. One kid in the family is the "sponsored child" but all are helped. It started in 2008 with 20 kids, from Banja Luka and nearby Celinac. Then it got up to 54 in 2009, in 2011 we expanded to 79 by starting with 25 in another town, Prijedor. My housemate, Ljilja, is responsible for the 54 kids in Banja Luka and Celinac. Another Ljilja is responsible for the 25 in Prijedor. Hope this makes sense. Here are some other links from my blog about the project:

Thanks for asking!

Hitch-Hikers Handbook said...

Great post, Belinda! very informative! We are running a Christmas photo challenge at the moment by which we hope to gather photos and descriptions of Christmas traditions from all around the world. If you'd like to participate, write a couple of sentences about Christmas in ySouth Africa or in Bosnia, send us a photo to represent it and we will publish the best entries on our blog with a link to your site. Sounds good? :) Here you will find more details:
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! :)

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