Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas crackers and funny hats...

Having grown up in an English-speaking family in South Africa, part of our Christmas tradition was the very British Christmas crackers and wearing of funny hats. I discovered the hard way my first Christmas in Bosnia that Christmas crackers and funny hats were not a universal tradition among English-speaking people... I kind of expected it from the Bosnians, but not from the Americans with whom I spent that first Christmas: I mean, they used to be British too! The next time I made sure to bring the crackers and the hats to show them and the Bosnians, and I have been introducing people to them ever since.

I brought six crackers back with me from South Africa, and so I decided to have a small dinner with my friends, Tanja and Aleksandar, and their two girls, Marina and Ana. Aco worked for the British army when they were stationed here, and so they had actually seen them before! To my great pleasure they were delighted by the crackers, and even humoured me and wore the hats throughout dinner (you can see the holdout on the left who never wears them...maybe one day!)
And inside the crackers were some fun gifts, including, to Ana's delight, a lovely stick-on moustache:
It was a fun Christmas eve dinner, and tomorrow, Ljilja and I will be enjoying the leftovers for Christmas dinner! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Victor said...

So cool. I did my first British Christmas dinner this year. I have never played with crackers and didn't know what they were, nor the funny hats. Such an interesting and strange tradition. We had fun, though.

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