Thursday, November 07, 2013

Oral Hygiene workshop

In August, some of our volunteers (and us!) took part in the Fida Health Promotion Seminar. The seminar covered all sorts of health issues, ranging from oral hygiene to alcohol/drugs and HIV/AIDS. As Tanja and Nataša were interested in running the workshops at the Children's Home, we figured out we would start with the 1st-5th graders and do oral hygiene with them to see how it went... the hope is that we will carry on with the older kids, but with alcohol and drug prevention, but we will see how it goes...

We are doing 4 weeks with this group, and judging by last night, I think it is going to be good. Getting them to sit still or work together is a challenge, and yet Tanja, Nataša and I managed to do it (well most of the time!): and they definitely learnt something by the end of the hour.

Tanja did a fantastic job doing the presenting:
 Then we had them in groups of 3 to rewrite what they had just learnt about the parts of the teeth:
And we then learnt about the different teeth in our mouths: and coloured them in! (best part of the workshop for them I think! They definitely like colouring!)
We will carry on in the next weeks with good food and bad food, how teeth get decay, brushing, etc... It helps that we know the kids from the book club already, and that they (mostly) listen to us. And besides teaching the kids something, and helping them have a fun evening, it also gives their carers a break they wouldn't otherwise have :)


Victor said...

Interesting. It made me think about the presence of thugs and gangs in Banja Luka. I don't know if that is common. Is it? Is it common for kids to go down a path that leads to alcohol abuse, violence, armed criminal activity, or gangs?

Belinda Chaplin said...

Luckily, there aren't gangs as such, but there is enough alcohol and drug abuse to make it good to do stuff on this topic!

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