Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Oral Hygiene Workshop

We completed the oral hygiene workshop tonight. The 4 weeks went by very quickly and tonight we finished off with a great exercise: sticking pictures of different foods onto two teeth...the food that is good for teeth on the blue one and the food that is bad for teeth on the yellow one. And one thing we know about these kids is that they certainly LOVE sticking things!!
Tanja had cut out all the little pictures in advance (from shop advertisements) and they had to then work out which food went on which tooth... which was good way for them to get the right idea about what foods to eat and what to try and avoid! And the best part is that it is now up in their living room to remind them of what they have learnt!
We ended off by giving them all new toothbrushes and toothpaste, and diplomas for taking part:
A HUGE thanks to Tanja who organised everything and did all of the presenting. I just brought all the stuff we needed and did little things like making the diplomas...but on the whole, Nataša and I were just there for crowd control :) We had a fun four weeks with them, and we know they definitely learnt some things about teeth and taking care of teeth, so it was definitely worth it!

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Victor said...

It's funny how the things that taste really good are bad for us. Part of it is all the sugary parts, but maybe we've trained our tongues to connect taste with high-calorie and unhealthy food. I wonder if you grow up eating healthy food if it tastes really good. :-)

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