Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Herzegovina (and Montenegro)

Finding a time when my housemate, Ljilja, and I are free at the same time long enough to go visit her family is quite hard. In fact we had earmarked this weekend ages ago as a time to go. Then I forgot about it, and was supposed to go to Hungary for a meeting - but I decided as it was 3 years since I had visited my "other" family, it was time to go and visit!! (and skip the meetings in Hungary - sorry guys!)

She comes from Trebinje, which is in the south of  the country or "Herzegovina". If you wondered why it is Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are actually two parts to the country - the northern part (where we live) called Bosnia and the southern part called Herzegovina. It is about a 5-6 hour drive there so we took a long weekend (Friday to Monday) to make it worthwhile to go that long way.
It was a great weekend of hanging out with Ljilja's friends and her family - way too short though!  Her mom made us LOTS of food (with help from her dad who went to buy it!), and her sister made me loads of cups of tea...and they all generally made us feel like royalty... I could get used to this :)

As the weather was great - on Sunday we took the 40 minute drive into Montenegro to go see the city of Herceg Novi and we had a lovely time (until I took a little fall and twisted my ankle, oh well...). Here is a lovely picture (even if the photographer says so herself) of Ljilja with her mom, Ankica, and Sladjana, her sister.
Now it is back to reality - no more people waiting on me hand and feet :( and also the colder climate in Bosnia. But it was worth the 12 hours in the car to enjoy the warmth (and I don't just mean the weather) of Herzegovina!

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Victor said...

As busy and crazy as your life is, it really is cool to see the wonderful places you get to travel in your part of the world. Various regions and countries are so close it's quite beautiful. You have such a large extended family!

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