Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Crvenkapa" (Little Red Riding Hood)

As a prize for being good members of the book club, Tanja and I took 10 children from the Children's Home to the a new (and very different) production of "Little Red Riding Hood". It was put on by the Banja Luka City Theatre "Jazavac" and big thanks goes to them for making this outing possible, as they gave us the tickets for all of us for free. Afterwards we even got to hang out with the 4 actors on the stage! We tried to get a group picture - but as anyone who has ever tried to get a group picture of kids knows, it is really hard: not even all of the actors are looking!
And then we chatted to the different characters: The policeman:
 There was actually a wolf, but he was quite nice and not too scary:
 And "Crvenkapa" was very sweet:
 As was the "Rabbit":
During the play, the kids were all looking out for the grandmother and the woodcutter or hunter, but they didn't show up... it was a very different production, but very well done! At the end all of them got a lovely packet (as part of a children's savings account promotion) of presents: including a CD of all the songs from the show, which were great!  

For some of the children it was their first time to the theatre, and I wish I could have taken a picture of their faces while they were watching the show! All of them loved the show and wanted to know when we would be coming again :) And I must admit my heart is full... it was a lovely outing for them and I am so glad we could make it happen!

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Victor said...

Hands down, my best job in life was when I was a resident actor in a children's theatre company!!!

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