Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Roy came to visit!

So, this week has been quite busy, as we started up our bible-study, and I started my beginner's English  classes, and in between I have been working on our project plan for the next project period (which I finished today - in time to go to the women's conference in Brela, Croatia tomorrow!)

But a highlight was a whistle-stop visit yesterday from Roy Jones who is an English YWAMer living in Ireland. I got to know him in May at the conference in Romania, and when I was in Ireland, his wife and he had us over for dinner (us being the 4 from Central Europe). He is a fantastic guy, and his latest mission (as part of a sabbatical) is to try and travel to all the countries in Europe (he had only 5 to go...) So, on his way around the Balkans, he made a quick day-trip from Zagreb to Banja Luka to visit me and get Bosnia Herzegovina under his belt.
Cevapi for lunch :)
In the 3 hours he was here, he managed to have cevapi for lunch - (and we got him take-away spinach pita for the trip back), see where I work, and also a bit of downtown... but the highlight for him was seeing the train station. He worked many years for the railways and has a deep love for trains (trainspotting is not a strange things for him!) And actually, he wanted to come on the train, but that would have meant he would have had even less time here, so I encouraged him to take the bus... luckily the bus station is right by the train station, so after making sure he had a place on the bus on the way back (well, we thought we had - but more about that later) we headed to the train station.
proof that he was in Banja Luka!

Roy at the station
After putting him into the little combi-style bus, thinking he would leave in 5 minutes, I left to go to my English class. However, I got a message from him almost an hour later to say there were too many people for the little bus, so they had to wait for another one to come, and he was only just leaving, oh well :( Even though he was here for such a short time, it was great having him come see my little part of the world and I am sure he won't forget his trip to his 77th country in a hurry!


Victor said...

Ooooh, makes me want to visit real badly!!!

Belinda Chaplin said...

you are welcome anytime :)

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