Thursday, October 31, 2013

Outing to the library...

As part of the book club at the Children's Home we also take the children to the library to select their own books. In the past it hasn't always been easy, as we had just a few volunteers going...but tonight we had a lot of volunteers and as some of the kids were sick, out with relatives, or had lost their books, there were actually more volunteers than children. Which was FANTASTIC!

They helped the kids choose the books:
Which we then take out from Aunty Vesna, the wonderful librarian:
 We even got a chance to read a bit together:
Or play games... here the Dr is examining his patient... I didn't get a good picture of the hair salon and coffee shop unfortunately. As you can imagine, we were all very sad when it was time to go home. I like making the library a fun experience!
Meanwhile at the children's home, Tanja did a great job with the book club with older kids - they are all doing the same book so we just get it for them. And so, they have their club only every other week and don't go to the library and they prefer it this way. With the library visits, the littlies have it every week, which of course they LOVE!

It is so great to have a lot of wonderful willing volunteers, and Tanja does a great job with her part which makes my job a lot easier! The only problem is sometimes we now have too many volunteers. But that is actually a good problem to have!

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Victor said...

A great problem to have! A few weeks ago, one of my church groups had more visitors than recurring members. It was funny.

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