Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Club - into our 4th year!

This is now the 4th school year that we have been running the book club at the children's home. We have a new schedule - now we go in every week and work with one group at a time (we used to go in every other week and work with both groups at once) and it works MUCH better. This week it was the turn of the littlies... and we had a LOT of volunteers, so it was great!

We have been going for over a month already, but I haven't got any photos... and of course tonight I forgot my camera, but luckily my phone camera is pretty good - so here you are...
This is Aleksandra with A: He read a book on knights, so they are busy tracing a knight onto his worksheet: The worksheet was called "my best part of the book" and they had to draw a picture, and then say why that was their favourite part:
Here are Jovana and Z: He had a book of poetry, so they are busy drawing a picture based on the poem...
Little K having help with her worksheet from our new volunteer, Branka:
And one of our oldies, (another) Jovana working with D:
 And the last two are of Milijana with D: first finishing the worksheet:
 And when she finished early, reading aloud out of her book of poetry: love it!
Besides giving the children individual attention (as we had tonight!), the aim of the book club is to try and grow a love of reading among the children, and even though it is crazy and chaotic at times, I think we are succeeding!

(Don't think that I am a bad photographer... due to child protection issues, I am not putting pictures of children facing the camera on purpose! And this is also the reason for the initials and not the full names.)


Victor said...

What is the proliferation of Bosnian literature like? Some languages have very little literature in the language, and some (like Afrikaans) have a lot. I can't tell if the book club is only about literacy or if it's also teaching English. :-)

Belinda Chaplin said...

It is all in the local language. There is a quite a bit of local literature and we encourage the children to read that - the poetry for instance is local. But there are also a lot of translated books from other languages and generally they read those - as they are more usually more exciting! Next week I will do an installment on the library visit :)

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