Monday, September 23, 2013

Zagreb with Mom :)

Mom is here in Banja Luka as part of her round the world travels to see her kids (we are in Canada, England and Bosnia, so she has to get around!). As she flies into Zagreb to come to me, but has never actually been to the city, this time we decided to stay overnight and see some of the sights...

We stayed in an apartment near the Cathedral - and we found this guy enjoying our street too:
We walked through the main square to the funicular (why walk when you can ride!) up to "Gornji grad" or "upper town":
Where Mom found yet another metallic friend (should I be worried about her?)
And we saw St Mark's lovely roof... and I found out something about Zagreb that I didn't know. All the lamps in the upper town are still gas! They light them every night and put them out each morning... here is Mom with a gas lamp at St Mark's:
On our way down from the upper town we spotted this Croatian tie - did you know that the tie was invented by the Croatians?
After we finished with the upper town we stopped for a lovely lunch... and the only pic we got of us together:
Before carrying on the sight-seeing in the Dornji Grad or "lower town". Here is Mom in front of the weather station with accurate weather readings:
We really enjoyed the full day of sight-seeing before heading back to Banja Luka where Mom will be visiting me for a week! Yay!

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Victor said...

Oh, Zagreb looks like such a cute city!!!

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