Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trip to Jajce with Mom

In Wednesday, Mom and I went on a road trip to Jajce (just over an hour away). We stopped off in the Vrbas river canyon to see where the World Rafting Champs were held:
 And at Krupa na Vrbas to see the mills (and get some flour from my "friend" there)
Before we made it to the lovely city of Jajce (which is pronounced "Yait-se")
Where we stopped off to see the lovely waterfall:
 Before going for cevapi, a Bosnian speciality: (grilled meat fingers... yum!)
While sitting under this historic monument - the Omer-Begova house:
Before heading to see some of the rest of the lovely old town:
 And walls of the fortress:
Then we left lovely Jajce behind to go back the other way over the mountain - stopping off at the Pliva watermills on the way:
This is Mom's 7th visit to Banja Luka (her and Dad came once to Zenica when I lived there) and the first time the weather was good enough and I had enough time to take her to Jajce! It was great that the weather played along as we had a really wonderful day! Now the rain has come to accompany her back to England tomorrow. As usual the stay has gone by so quickly and it will be sad to see her go :(


Victor said...

Beautiful pictures. Why is she going to England?

Belinda Chaplin said...

thanks, Victor. If you come to visit I will take you there. Mom is going to England to stay again with my sister in Oxford and then goes back to South Africa in 3 weeks.

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