Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Like it was yesterday!

We said goodbye to our Ukrainian teammates, Sergej and Ira, and their daughter, Vera, in 2009, and besides the fact that Vera has blossomed from pretty 9-year-old into a darling teenager, it seems like yesterday that they left. They are here for the wedding of their other daughter, Anja, who is getting married to a local guy, and we had them over for lunch today and it was lovely to chat and catch up with them.

It was really so great to see them again, and when we prayed together before they left, Ljilja and my hearts both broke when Vera prayed that they would be able to come back to Bosnia again to live... we wish they could come back too!!


Victor said...

Oh, another goodbye!! Ok, so Ljilja is your housemate? I got it now!! I see her in a lot of pictures. She's YWAM, too?

Belinda Chaplin said...

No idea why I never replied to this comment... but no, Ljilja is not YWAM. She is a local who works with the Finnish organisation,FIDA, which works with the church... in 2011, FIDA created the local NGO "Educational Cultural Centre Ihtus" and she is the local coordinator for that NGO.

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