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Kids Camp 2013

----WARNING LONG BLOG POST---- Cup of coffee/tea recommended while reading :) 

This year we were in a place a little further away near Modrica, and the biggest issue was the water (which was brought in and ran out TWICE... not fun in 40 degree heat!), but other than that, it was a great place... (and for more on our Kids camps, you can see 2011 and 2012) and we had a fantastic camp!!!

We had a lovely place in the forest to have our morning and afternoon program...
 And evening campfire!
The morning and afternoon programs included a Bible story drama by the Finnish team (here is Jesus calming the storm:)
 And a talk by Sinisa on that day's topic - each story related to a feeling: fear, hatred, sorrow and joy. 
Every day in the morning we had workshops, ranging from sport to drama to music: Here are the music workshop singing us one of the songs they learnt:
Because it was HOT, before the afternoon activities, I organised a game which was basically a water fight with rules... and it was great fun!
Two teams: one is trying to fill the bowls with water and the other is trying to stop them! (and then they switch). It was ad hoc, using what we had available: some cups and bowls, and it worked REALLY well! :) The kids loved it and they got wet - which was the real point :)
The evening campfires were great fun: with dramas, and games including the classic bob for an apple:
 Then find the sweet in the flour:
 And this is what ends up happening!
Those were three of our teenage "volunteers" who were floury faced. We had volunteers ranging in age from 14 to 44, and a lot of them were under 20, so there was also a bit of "teenage camp" as well as "kids camp". In fact so much so, that some of the boys forgot the 'no being our after 12 o'clock' rule (kids have to be inside at 10pm, but the teenagers had some slack). And some of them even caused a bit of a ruckus in one of the the girls' bungalow by throwing in a HUGE moth. So, they were punished by having to clean ALL of the toilets - not that they seem too unhappy about it:
One afternoon we had a "SURPRISE". And all the kids were asking all day what the surprise was... and when Rami brought it out it was a real surprise: a four-wheeler!!!
Those that wanted to, got to have a drive on it (and don't worry too much, Rami killed himself running next to them to steer...), but the kids had fun! Here is Senija on the bike:
Some of the little kids weren't that excited about the surprise, and one had asked me if we could play the "sponge game" which is 'duck, duck, goose' with a wet sponge and LOTS of fun... so of course I obliged... we had fun!
Another surprise (but maybe not as welcome) for the kids was the visits from the dentists. The campsite is run by the Red Cross, and they offered to organise 4 dentists to come in a check teeth... so of course we took them up on it!
 And they were great fun, even letting the kids have a go!
The last night it was Ljilja, Dragana, Natasha and my turn to run the campfire... and it was great fun! We had karaoke with kids songs:
 Spijkerpoepen (pooping nails in Dutch!)
 Stefan showing how it is done:
 And a tug-of-war between Finns and Bosnians: The male Finns were unfortunately stronger:
 But the female Bosnians made up for it by killing the Finnish girls!
And we ended up with corn on the fire (courtesy of the dentists - I think it is ironic that the dentists gave the kids something that sticks in your teeth before bedtime, but the kids LOVED it :)
On the last day we had a great "adventure" with teams of kids having to find 12 stations and complete tasks to try and remind them of what we had learnt on camp (and to have fun!). At my station, they had to work out the names of the bible stories (by adding the missing letters) and then tell me which emotion it went with... all of them successfully completed it in the 5 minutes!
Other stations were a bit more scary... here is Jaarko from Finland needing help: and he went home with his leg looking like that!!
Before the kids got on the bus back home, we had a closing ceremony where we showed what we had done during the workshops: The music workshop sang another song. Here is the periscope group:
 And the art group:
 And the drama group had two dramas with a little message, very good!
The Hip-hip dance team also showed off their stuff, but we didn't get a good pic of them :(
Every day, each of the bungalows/rooms were given a grade out of 5 for the state of their room when inspected. Some of them didn't know about it, some of them didn't care (the ones with the 3 at the end for instance, was actually a girls bungalow!). My bungalow - we were number "8" so I suggested the name "awesome osam" (as osam is eight in the local language!) and they were awesome... The first two days we got 5s and so did bungalow 10... so it was neck and neck. In order to get out in front we decided to do some decorating, and put flowers and a other things in our bungalow! And so we ended up with 5+, and pipped the others at the post... They were chuffed (as was I, not that I am competitive or anything:) {and unfortunately I didn't get a pic with them :(}

And now please can someone tell me how I get the camp song out of my head... :)
♫ Moj Bog je veci od planine... (my God is bigger than a mountain...)

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