Monday, August 12, 2013

Fida Health Promotion Seminar

A team from Fida International came from Finland to run a two weekend seminar on "Health Promotion".  Despite the crazy timing, I decided to take part as two of my volunteers from the Children's Home project were keen, and it is definitely something we could use in the future there and in other places. The topics range from oral health to anti-smoking to human trafficking so the teaching material will come in handy in the future for sure.

There were lectures: (Here is Marke giving the lecture, and sitting are her husband Marku and Jani)*
But most of the work was done in groups:
 And then we were doing the presenting:
Or putting on skits which conveyed the main points of the lectures or our group work:
Despite the fact that the first weekend was 40 degrees both days and we were all very hot, I think that everyone enjoyed the seminar and found the material was very interesting and engaging. We are now looking forward to using it in the future in schools and at the Children's Home.

*So, the first day when we met Marku and Marke, Ljilja and I had the same thought - it reminded us of the time I thought Prija and Prika were names and how cute it was that the father and mother of my landlady's son-in-law were called "Prija" and "Prika" and that they had found each other. It turns out that prija and prika are the names for "in-laws" here. More on that here. It is pretty cute that Marku and Marke found each other!

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Victor said...

So when a team like that comes from Finland, what language are your sessions in? I don't suppose Bosnian people speak Finnish.

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