Saturday, August 10, 2013

Canadian Cody came to camp!

As he was coming back for a short-term trip to Bosnia (after doing a YWAM Discipleship Training School outreach in Sarajevo over the winter), Cody wrote to me a while ago and asked if he could come up to Banja Luka to check us out and help us out in whatever we are doing. As we usually need more guys to help us for camp, I asked if he wanted to come up and help us out with that. And we are all so glad he did!

He is from the prairies of Canada, and having Canadian family, I guessed he would be nice to have around, as it is hard to find a Canadian that isn't nice :). As he was going to be working with children, we requested two references and they were more than glowing, so after getting them, I was really looking forward to having him with us!!

Besides helping out at the music workshop, and with the kids in one of the bungalows... he was also very dedicated to helping the kids have fun and literally threw himself into everything as the following photos from our "water-fight" show:

We also made him help with the actions for our camp song (he had the actions down - even if he didn't know the words to the song!):
He was only around one day after camp, before he left today to go to Bihac and then back to Sarajevo. But at least he got to see a bit of Banja Luka before heading out again. Here we are at Ihtus last night:
It was great having him, and I hope maybe he will come back one day! 

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