Monday, August 19, 2013

Blogging for books review: Ollie Chandler collection

When I saw that Randy Alcorn's trilogy was up for review on, I grabbed the chance to get three books for the "price" of one.

The Ollie Chandler Collection is 3 novels in one: "Deadline", "Dominion" and "Deception". All of them are crime stories with good twists and turns that keep one guessing. The first two have Ollie Chandler as a detective who helps solve the crime. The third one is more about Ollie, and it was definitely my favourite. The other two are thought-provoking as well, but somehow Deception was the one which brought it all together.

The author also deals with various topics such as racism, abortion, AIDS, Education, organ transplants, media bias and political correctness and does a good job of giving a good Christian perspective without coming off preachy.

Randy Alcorn's writings are usually centered on helping people understand the reality of the afterlife, and throughout these three books he gives us glimpses of what heaven could look like.

I would recommend this trilogy for anyone who likes crime novels and is looking for a good wholesome and thought-provoking read.

I received this book free through, but this opinion is entirely my own.

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Victor said...

Interesting. Never read him. But I know the name. Funny, I had a man in my church when I lived in Texas by the same name!

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