Thursday, August 01, 2013

Best laid plans...

The Dutch team fly out of Zagreb in the morning. Originally the idea was for them to take the bus at 3.15am in the morning and get to the airport just in time. Then as they had enough money left over to stay over in Zagreb, I suggested that they do that... The team took a vote last week and they ALL wanted to rather leave in the morning than earlier from Banja Luka. I think they liked it here :)

I had set the "goodbye party" to last night, so that they could stay out later if they wanted to (and not tonight when they are thinking they have a 3.15 departure), but in the end it seems that it was a God plan rather than just a good one...

I was dropping off another guest at the bus station yesterday and so while I was already at the bus station I decided to try and buy the bus tickets for the 3.15am bus for the team. And it was a good thing that I did!

That bus comes from Sarajevo, and the bus company doesn't let the bus station here in Banja Luka sell more than TWO tickets (as it is better for them to sell the tickets all the way from Sarajevo). And apparently that bus does get full, so it was not worth the risk of hoping there is space and then there not be place and then missing their flight... so it was back to going the day before :(

Then we had to get them space on the 4pm bus today. Now, that bus can sell up to 10 tickets in advance, but as it is a 16 seat kombi, they won't sell more than that. And the team is 12 people! Thankfully, the lady at the bus station was INCREDIBLY helpful and called the bus company and eventually got through to them and they agreed to send a bigger bus just for us! (and apparently she has a son who is unmarried, am I interested...urgh!! The problem with being single in the Balkans!)

And last week when they were thinking about going the day before we made inquiries at a hostel near the airport in Zagreb, so I quickly wrote back to them and said that we would take their offered accommodation if it was still available, and PTL it was!

So, the incredible flexible team got on the bus today and have hopefully got to the hostel ok, (and also to the McDonald's - they were wanting to go here in Banja Luka on their last night, but luckily I knew there was one right near the hostel!) and will hopefully fly out safely tomorrow back to Holland!

I know it definitely was a God thing that I went yesterday and found out about the tickets and the bus and everything, otherwise it would have a sadder and more stressful ending to their stay in Banja Luka! (and because the goodbye party was already last night, they were able to end it really well!)

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OliveTree said...

Wow, a bigger bus! just for your team. That is nice. Good story. :-)

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