Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dutch cultural night

On Tuesday I drove to Zagreb to get a team of young 8 Dutch high school students, and the family of four who is leading them. They are coming here for a two-week stay to help us out in various ways. Our first event with them was last night at EKC Ihtus, where they ran a great Dutch Night.

First they had a lovely powerpoint about Holland and a quiz at the end to see who had been listening, which they had!!
 After that we had various different Dutch games, including "spijkerpoepen" which is literally "pooping nails": Love it!
Trying to get the pen into the bottle like the guy on the right here:
 There was also lots of food, including the inevitable dutch cheese (and my favourite: stroopwafels!)
They also did some face painting, including on themselves: Here they all are(minus the dad and two kids who had to stay at home so the kids could sleep) showing off their painted faces:
And I also had my face painted, with a Dutch windmill, along with Rens and Janneka: 
It was a lovely evening, and everyone who came had a wonderful time.

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