Monday, July 15, 2013

Croatian vacation 2013

A Finn, a Bosnian and a South African go on holiday to Croatia... sounds like the start of a joke doesn't it? Well, we certainly did confuse everyone who asked us where we are from! Ljilja, my housemate and our Finnish friend, Sina, and I went once again on holiday to Croatia together. This is the third year that we have gone together. Two years ago we went to Bibinje near Zadar, last year was the lovely island of Hvar. This year we went north to a place none of us had been to before: Porec in Istria. We had a lovely time!

Besides spending time on the stone beaches, we also managed to travel around and see a lot of Istria... First stop Pula, where they have a wonderful Roman amphitheatre:
Ljilja, Sina and I inside the amphitheatre...  
We also went up to the castle overlooking the city...
And out to lunch in the "Sarajevo" restaurant - yes, we had Bosnian food in Croatia :)
 We took a boat trip to Rovinj which was really fun... I had to do the Titanic pose :)
Ljilja had a better idea as to what to do :)
 Rovinj from the sea: can you see why it is known as "little Venice"?:
And on the streets... so pretty!
We finally got around to seeing the city of Porec where we were staying...the main site is the Basilica: Here is the view from the bell tower (and me with my nice new hat which I got in Porec!):
 The Euphrasian Basilica is known for its mosaics dating from the 6th Century: stunning!
We went one day to Italy - to Trieste, where we did some sight-seeing including the Miramare Castle, which was also amazing...
...but being with two shopaholics we also went for the shopping! I did do a little bit of shopping as I needed some new sandals. But the rest of the time I sat with my book and drank tea while they shopped til they dropped... (and in the end the bargain of the day were probably my sandals! :)

We also went to Umag: 
And we had lunch on the sea, it was a stunning place... and they have very clever waiters because I got this diet coke (which if you can't guess, means "genius" in the local language... so obviously they know whom to give it to... hahaha!)
We did get this coke for Sina, because she is a "ljepotica" (beauty)...
And just to prove we did eat healthy meals: Here is my spinach pasta... so pretty :) and I am the non-tomato eater in case you were wondering...
 And a last photo of the sunset from Porec - I waited a long time for this shot :)
And we just worked out the end of the joke: a Bosnian, Finn and South Africa go on holiday together and the Bosnian spends one day on the beach and is darker than the Finn and South African have ever been... true story!

And that was the story of the Croatian vacation 2013... now back to work! 

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