Saturday, July 27, 2013

Outing to the park...

The original plan was to take some of the children from the Children's Home up the mountain on an outing with the Dutch team. But when the forecast called for up to 40 degrees, I made the executive decision to go to the park instead (it is still a 1/2 hour walk, but at least it is flat...) and I think it was a good decision...

I told the Dutch team to come up with lots of games with water and they did a great job... here is the first, the water relay: 

We did a couple of other team games, but the game they loved the most was the one which the last team taught me "Drip, drip, drop" which gets everyone really wet... And then we just had a good old water fight!! But in 35+ degree heat, being wet is good!

Then it was time for lunch and entertainment from the team: the story of the prodigal son acted out...  (one of the team told the story, and Tanja did a great job of translating it!)
After they had finished they asked the kids if they wanted to do it, and with the help of the teacher who came with us, Srdjan, and me and one of the team, I think we did quite a good job... especially Simo (the one in the middle) who is a born actor...
Before we went home it was time for some more games, another water fight and even some ice cream :) I think everyone had a fantastic time:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An English class with Dutch people :)

Last night was our first  of four English classes with our Dutch team. Although there weren't a lot of students, we still had a great time! One of the activities was to build the tallest structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows in 15 minutes:
All the teams did a great job...
 This is my team trying valiantly:
But the winning team's tower didn't fall over at the end (which all of the others did...) so this is the team with the tallest (and most stable) tower, well done guys!
Their prize is to bring us chocolate to tonight's class as consolation for losing :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dutch cultural night

On Tuesday I drove to Zagreb to get a team of young 8 Dutch high school students, and the family of four who is leading them. They are coming here for a two-week stay to help us out in various ways. Our first event with them was last night at EKC Ihtus, where they ran a great Dutch Night.

First they had a lovely powerpoint about Holland and a quiz at the end to see who had been listening, which they had!!
 After that we had various different Dutch games, including "spijkerpoepen" which is literally "pooping nails": Love it!
Trying to get the pen into the bottle like the guy on the right here:
 There was also lots of food, including the inevitable dutch cheese (and my favourite: stroopwafels!)
They also did some face painting, including on themselves: Here they all are(minus the dad and two kids who had to stay at home so the kids could sleep) showing off their painted faces:
And I also had my face painted, with a Dutch windmill, along with Rens and Janneka: 
It was a lovely evening, and everyone who came had a wonderful time.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Croatian vacation 2013

A Finn, a Bosnian and a South African go on holiday to Croatia... sounds like the start of a joke doesn't it? Well, we certainly did confuse everyone who asked us where we are from! Ljilja, my housemate and our Finnish friend, Sina, and I went once again on holiday to Croatia together. This is the third year that we have gone together. Two years ago we went to Bibinje near Zadar, last year was the lovely island of Hvar. This year we went north to a place none of us had been to before: Porec in Istria. We had a lovely time!

Besides spending time on the stone beaches, we also managed to travel around and see a lot of Istria... First stop Pula, where they have a wonderful Roman amphitheatre:
Ljilja, Sina and I inside the amphitheatre...  
We also went up to the castle overlooking the city...
And out to lunch in the "Sarajevo" restaurant - yes, we had Bosnian food in Croatia :)
 We took a boat trip to Rovinj which was really fun... I had to do the Titanic pose :)
Ljilja had a better idea as to what to do :)
 Rovinj from the sea: can you see why it is known as "little Venice"?:
And on the streets... so pretty!
We finally got around to seeing the city of Porec where we were staying...the main site is the Basilica: Here is the view from the bell tower (and me with my nice new hat which I got in Porec!):
 The Euphrasian Basilica is known for its mosaics dating from the 6th Century: stunning!
We went one day to Italy - to Trieste, where we did some sight-seeing including the Miramare Castle, which was also amazing...
...but being with two shopaholics we also went for the shopping! I did do a little bit of shopping as I needed some new sandals. But the rest of the time I sat with my book and drank tea while they shopped til they dropped... (and in the end the bargain of the day were probably my sandals! :)

We also went to Umag: 
And we had lunch on the sea, it was a stunning place... and they have very clever waiters because I got this diet coke (which if you can't guess, means "genius" in the local language... so obviously they know whom to give it to... hahaha!)
We did get this coke for Sina, because she is a "ljepotica" (beauty)...
And just to prove we did eat healthy meals: Here is my spinach pasta... so pretty :) and I am the non-tomato eater in case you were wondering...
 And a last photo of the sunset from Porec - I waited a long time for this shot :)
And we just worked out the end of the joke: a Bosnian, Finn and South Africa go on holiday together and the Bosnian spends one day on the beach and is darker than the Finn and South African have ever been... true story!

And that was the story of the Croatian vacation 2013... now back to work! 

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Booksneeze review: Stress Test

Having already read and enjoyed some of Richard Mabry's medical thrillers such as "Code Blue" and "Medical Error" I was excited to see "Stress Test" come up for reviewing on booksneeze - so I grabbed it. And I am glad I did! 

Dr. Matt Newman is kidnapped, but manages to escape only to find out that he has been set up for a woman's murder. The police struggle to believe in his innocence as the body was found in his car with his wallet underneath her - and he has no alibi (as he was busy trying to get away from his kidnappers!)

This is the start of this fast-paced exciting thriller, and it never lets up. No one seems to believe him, except his brother and his criminal defense lawyer Sandra Murray...even his girlfriend dumps him. And to say that the ending was a complete surprise would be an understatement: even though there were many hints along the way! I wasn't disappointed!

If you are looking for a good clean entertaining thriller (with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure), then I would highly recommend this book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the® <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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