Saturday, June 15, 2013

International Cultural Night

The team from YWAM Carlisle are from 7 different countries, so trying to organise a cultural night for just one country was kind of hard. So, I decided to hold an "international" one... and it was a great success! Here is the team with their respective flags:
Which had been used for decorating the centre:
The team had gone out the night before handing out flyers in town, but even with that and with the English class, and other "regulars", we still only expected 20-30 people to come... so we were quite overwhelmed when over 60 people showed up. They just kept coming! So, we moved the evening outside, and luckily the weather was really nice...

We started off with a quiz in 4 groups: 20 questions about all 7 countries. It was really fun! (and not just because my group won!)

After the quiz, it was time for some refreshments: food from all over!


Then it was time to hang out together, sharing aspects of our different cultures - but it was too dark to take pictures of all the dancing that went on outside, from Užičko Kolo to line dancing - a lot of fun was had by all!

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