Saturday, June 08, 2013

Game night!

A team from YWAM Carlisle is here for just over 2 weeks, and we are having a great time with them. There are 9 of them, but they come from 7 countries: England, USA, Canada, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Finland... so really from all over!

We are running English classes with them on Wednesday nights, but last night we had a special game night with whomever wanted to come... and it was great fun!We started with the "name game" where you have to describe the famous people written on slips of paper to the rest of your team (without using the name) and hopefully they will guess many in the 30 seconds you have. It is a great English learning game which I actually use in my classes as well... but we added a second part where you have to act out the people you have already guessed (so you know whose names are on the paper, so when they act out "singer" you just have to go through all the names until you get the right one...) And that was great, as the not-so-great English speakers turned out to be great actors so it evened things up a bit!!

After that, we played different games in smaller groups... (and apologies for the lack of photo quality - I was just using my phone...)

Rummy... (I think?)
Guess who?
And Big Boggle (which was fair because all of them were second language English speakers as the ones from the team were from Norway and Holland! But I did have to adjudicate some of the words coming out of the group :) )
It was a great night and I think everyone who came enjoyed themselves...

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