Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun day... despite the heat :)

Today we went to the Children's Home with the team to play with the children... but it was HOT! So, we started off inside, in the nicely air-conditioned dining room... and made masks. Sara showing how she wears the rest of the paper :)
 And I with Darinka who is wearing hers the right way... 
We played really nicely inside and made a HUGE mess:
But it was really fun... and it was great to see how the team was interacting with the children despite the language barrier... There was only Tanja and I to translate today, and despite that it went really well :)

After we finished and cleaned up, we went outside to play, but as it was HOT (did I already say that?) it was a game that included WATER so it was really fun... A version of "duck, duck, goose" with a sponge full of water... called "drip, drip, drop": you drip, drip, drip, drip, and then on the person you choose to chase you, you "DROP" all the water out of the sponge... genius :) As it was 35 in the shade it was a GREAT game! Although we did look a bit worse for the wear afterwards: Here I am with team leaders, Elsa and Kajsa:
After that I had to go "teach" my English class... {I did have a new shirt, as I knew about the water, a pity that my jeans were wet too :)} Luckily I had some of the team with me and they tortured my poor students - making them talk in English for half an hour... (this is beginner level, so it was really hard for them! But they did well, and in the beginning they didn't know ANY English, so I count it a success...). I did have to translate for them every now and again...but otherwise they did really well. Especially as I hadn't prepared them at all (I am horrible, I know!) 

It was the last time for the school year, we will start up in September again, so I got a picture of the class... some were missing, but this is my fun group - they all do it as a "hobby" and to blow off a bit of steam, and if they learn a little English, that is great...
This heat is unreal... to think two weeks ago I was going to bed with a hot water bottle as it was that cold... but despite the heat (which isn't going to let up for a while it seems...) it was a really fun day!

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