Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carlisle Team at the Children's Home

On Saturday we went to the Children's Home to have some fun with the kids. We first had an indoor craft activity, and it was a good one! I think the volunteers enjoyed it as much as the kids... 
The team and 5 local volunteers helped the kids:
 Here is Tanja helping Aco... it isn't as easy as it looks:
 And what were we making? Boats... very cool!
Then it was time to go outside and play some games...after playing together on the wonderful new playground, we decided it was too hot to do too much running, so we girls (and a few of the younger boys) played a fun sitting down game:
Sofija enjoying the new playground equipment :)
Some of the boys played football (despite the heat!), while one of the team, Christian, sat with Mladen and Aco for almost 1/2 hour - just hanging out and figuring out ways to keep them entertained... what language barrier? And we were all very happy that he was keeping them busy as they are normally terrorists, and when they eventually got bored, sure enough, they came over and ruined the game for the girls... so the fact that he kept them busy for that long without knowing their language is truly amazing!
On Monday night it was our last book club, and so the team came to do a drama for us... it was the the whole bible in one drama! How cool is that? The kids at first were quite restless, but after the first 15 seconds they were watching amazed, and calling out the different parts "there's the devil", "there's Jesus"... it was very cute! 
After the drama, we handed out the prizes for the children who regularly attended throughout the school year... here are most of them with their prizes (which they could hardly wait to open!). We had donations of toys, school supplies, sweets, and even a local children's magazine each, so the prizes were pretty cool!
We plan to go at least once more to the home to hang out with the kids and our wonderful volunteers... it is always fun to see how the kids interact with the foreigners and find ways to communicate even when they can't speak English... (and it helps them improve their English when they do know!)

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