Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Faith in action...

I took the little kids from the Children's Home to the library this afternoon (the oldies will go tomorrow morning) and it worked out that there were only 5 of them going. Some were sick, others were away, one had lost his book (you can't go without your book!) and so that was how many got to go. I was so happy as there are only 5 computers and every time I have to choose who gets to go on the internet and the rest have to play with me and Tanja... this way EVERYONE got to go on the internet and no stress for me and Tanja :) It was also hot, and as it is out last trip for this school year, I decided that we would also go get ice cream.

So, the conversation on the way there went like this... (ok it was in the local language, and I am translating it, but you get the idea!!)

ME: "Children, when we get to the library, we are going straight on the internet..."
ME: "And all of you get to go"
ME: "And then I am going to take you for icecream before we go and change our books"
CHILD 1: "Aunty Belinda, you can be my carer!"
CHILD 2: "Aunty Belinda, you can be my Big Sister" (they have "Big sisters" who are volunteers and take them out) 
CHILD 3: "Aunty Belinda, you can be my mommy..."

Some days they just break your heart...I can't even remember what I said to that, but I know that God hears his heart cry for a mom in his life. I know that I am like a mom to many of these kids, in ways that makes many of them happier in this life at least for a little bit, and some hopefully will also see my faith in action and somehow glimpse God's love through me.  

It is one thing to say real religion is looking after the orphans and the widows, and it is another to actually do something about it and make a difference... 

The challenge: How am I taking care of the orphans and widows in my life? How am I making a difference to them? I still have a long way to go! But with God's help I will keep putting my faith into action and make a difference...

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