Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ukrainian Cultural night

Last night it was the turn of the Ukrainians in the team to run a cultural night for us at EKC Ihtus. And we had a lovely addition of Ukrainian girls in national dress courtesy of our Ukrainian friends in Prijedor. It was a really good evening.

In the beginning we had bread and salt as we entered the "house". This is a sign of hospitality given and friendship accepted. Here Zhenya is explaining in Ukrainian and Tatyana is translating into English. Katja is waiting to serve the bread and salt:
As we went into the house we each accepted the friendship by taking the bread and salt - thereby saying we would stand by them in good times (bread) and bad (salt-like tears). Here are Dijana and Nirvana about to accept the friendship and hospitality offered by Zhenya and Katja:
 Inside yummy treats awaited us: something salty and something sweet, and of course I have already forgotten the Ukrainian names for them, but I will get the recipes as it was all yummy! Sofija, Tanja and Natasha, (three of my favourite people!) enjoying the food:
 We were then treated to a wonderful program, including violin:
 And a recitation of a poem (isn't she so sweet in her outfit?!)
Then a great presentation by Katja (translated again by Tatjana) about the Ukraine:
And I think everyone (and there were a lot of people) enjoyed themselves:
Thank-you guys for a wonderful Ukrainian night! There are more photos in the EKC Ihtus' album on Facebook.

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OliveTree said...

You and your group seem to host and put on such great events! Good job. I'm impressed. Blessings to you and your work.

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