Monday, March 25, 2013

Family fun...

My brother arrived (from Canada) at the beginning of March with his 3 kids (he and his wife, Robin, are on the extreme left and his kids are the ones on the front left  - Hope, 10 months, Andrew, 6 and Luke, 8) and we have been having a LOT of wonderful family times... The below photo was taken on what the boys are now calling the "Family Tree day" as we got together with my late Dad's sister and two cousins and some of their offspring... the photo below was taken after some of my cousins had already left: we had a great day!

March has thus been marked by my brother's visit and as he came along with his (wonderful!) in-laws and also (a lovely) cousin of his wife's... we started calling it the "Canadian invasion" :) I can handle this kind of fun invasion! It has been BUSY, but also a lot of FUN!

Tomorrow we expect the arrival of my sister and her family so we will all be together in South Africa with all the kids for the first time EVER! So, looking forward to more family fun before I go back to Bosnia in just over a week!!

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