Friday, February 01, 2013

Sharing my story doesn't have to be hard work :)

It is not all holiday and free time while I am here, one of the things that I do is to share in my church and in the home groups about what I am doing in Bosnia. On Sunday I had the privilege to share the story of some of the people whom I have met in Bosnia and through that about what I do. It wasn't as great as the time I shared in Bosnian and had a (fake!) translator into English. She did such a great job that she was asked afterwards "how did you learn the language so quickly". People, she had a script! But I still think it went well on Sunday and people enjoyed it....

I have also been going to the various small groups and just sharing my story - accompanied by a really cool photobook which I made - and some biscuits/cookies that I had made called "sape" (which means literally 'paws': they are a wonderful version of shortbread from Bosnia!).

It hasn't all been work and no play... I was asked by my mom's group (who have adopted me as well) to come again and make cards with them. They send me a birthday card each year, and this year I got to make my own! Here are Debbie and I with our "same same, but different" cards: 
And then the whole group showing off their cards... lovely!
Then last night, the group that I have been part of for years (through many different variations) and attend when I am home joined up with another group so I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak... It was also more fun for both groups to spend time with each other - here we all are: 
I look forward to the Bosnian Evening that will happen on the 21st of February at my church, Claremont Methodist. And this year I even have a former-Yugoslavian helping me with some of the food, so it will definitely be authentic!!

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