Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Bosnian Evening EVER!

First of all, a disclaimer - I live in the Serb part of Bosnia, so the evenings I run reflect the "Serb" culture of Bosnia... and they eat a LOT of pork. (unlike the Muslims who do NOT). So, when we talking and praying about the evening, Scott, one of my support group said "we have to have pork if it is to be a genuine Bosnian evening". Because of the cost I had always gone vegetarian or with small amounts of meat: and focused more on the sweet deserts... but Scott was determined and so he organised and gave the meat and cooked it all as well... He is LEGEND!

He came at 3.30 to do it slowly. I kept him company at first, but when I went inside to finish the decorating, Nils and he had a great time doing all the cooking...
And it was DELICIOUS!!! We had also organised a whole lot of other food, and others donated their time to help make it (and some of them the ingredients as well!) so we had an amazing amount of food, and everyone managed to eat well. I had a great team in the kitchen and they plated up the food for everyone: over 70 people!!
This meant I could concentrate on hanging out with the people who had come to enjoy the food, but also see me! So that was great! Here I am doing my main job of the evening... mingle mingle mingle!
Here I am with Yolande, her husband, Jono, their little girl Talya and our mutual friend Leana: This is Talya's second Bosnian evening - she was with us in 2011 and Yolande's third... she took the photos in 2009. This is actually the 7th one that I have run, and they have all been fantastic, but somehow this one was the best one yet!
This time there were actually 4 people from the former-Yugoslavia. Misha and his wife Suzana (here with my friend Alexa) are from Serbia, but have been living in South Africa for 20 years. They brought traditional Bosnian/Serbian beans which were so fantastic that my cousin commented "who knew beans could taste so good?"!
And there were also 2 Bosnians. One, Danijel, I met in Banja Luka before he came to South Africa to marry Carolyn (below with Danijel and her mom Evelyn). Danijel brought his friend, Milan (below right) who is also married to a South African. They also brought food along, which although it wasn't Bosnian, showed that they are believers in the Bosnian tradition "never go anywhere empty-handed"!
As I said, there was lots of food: the awesome pork, sopska salad, spinach "pita" (pie) and the beans for dinner - pictured below. And we also had desert of "bajadera" (fridge cake from peanuts) and "sape" (pecan nut shortbread)... yummy!
Keren giving out even MORE food... :) we all definitely ate really well!
I then did a presentation of what I am doing in Bosnia - which was followed by a quiz. Now, I cleverly told everyone that some of the questions on the quiz were in the presentation, so everyone was listening very hard... genius! The quiz was great fun and Nils did a good job of being the quiz master! Below, Christina shows off her prize: Bosnian slipper socks and a voucher for one homecooked Bosnian meal of her choice (which is redeemable in Bosnia... so they have to come visit first :)
We ended off the evening with a time of prayer for Bosnia...and for what I am doing there.
I have put a lot more photos on facebook and you can see them (even if you are not on facebook) by clicking here.

A BIG thank-you to all those who made this night happen...
I couldn't have done it without you!!


Victor said...

Woohoo! Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

i miss you here in Bosnia :) !!!

OliveTree said...

What a great evening for you! A major undertaking. How wonderful that you had so many friends to help. Blessings on the rest of your furlough.

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