Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow to sun...

I have been safely in South Africa almost 2 weeks now, but I almost didn't make it. Over half a metre of snow dumped itself on Zagreb (where I was flying out from) the day before I was supposed to be flying out. It closed down the airport and caused chaos on the highway in Croatia (2 trucks overturned), so my colleague took 6 hours to make the (usually) 2 and a half hour journey from Banja Luka.

Originally, I was planning on going by bus, but as the 6.30 bus doesn't run on Sundays, Ljilja had already offered to drive me and some dear friends had offered to come along to give me a send-off and keep her company on the way back. But now, we would have to leave REALLY early in order to make it on time for my 12.30 flight through the snow... There is a bus that leaves at 3.15 in the morning, and as we would have to leave around 4am anyway, I thought it was better to just put me on that bus than put everyone through the torture of having to drive me... and then back again in the horrible conditions. And frankly a bus just sounded safer too!

So, Ljilja took me to the bus station in the middle of the night, and even though it was over an hour late, and took an extra hour to get to Zagreb, I made it to the airport in good time and the flight took off and I made it safely all the way to South Africa. From snow to sun in 28 hours!
I have been enjoying a really great time with family and a few friends, I look forward to catching up with everyone else after the Christmas madness is over. I realised the other night at the Waterfront how funny it is to have Christmas lights on palm trees for all my friends enjoying a "White Christmas" or something akin to that... But that is Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere :) 

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