Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fun Christmas!

Christmas in the Chaplin house consists of waiting for everyone else to arrive so we can have the present opening: Here I am with my nephew James about to open our first round...
And my brother-in-law, David, shows off his new tie (from my aunt) and Bosnian socks (from guess who:)

And then this picture from two years ago. It is of my niece, taken by my Dad at what was to be our last Christmas together... I just love it as it sums up the chaos of the present opening, as well as the peace that can be found in the midst of all of it. It is like that for me, even in the midst of all the Christmas fun I never forget the real reason for celebrating!

After present opening it is time for lunch (this year we were "just" 8): The "fire" is a DVD which my dad found somewhere in Canada I think, and it has Christmas songs that play along with it! So in little ways, Dad is still amongst us :)
This year some had crayfish (those that like it!), gammon ham, and we all had what we thought was fillet steak done on the braai (barbecue). It was only after we had all finished it that my sister's kids told us the secret: it was actually OSTRICH! So, we did have a "bird" for Christmas after all...

And then my aunt's contribution this year were these gorgeous strawberry Santas... so those of us that don't like the traditional Christmas pudding had something nice to eat for afters as well!

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