Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sofija and the pig...

It sounds like the name of a book: "Sofija and the pig", but it isn't! Since the sad passing of her grandmother just over a month ago, Sofija (who is one of my long-time English students and has become a good friend) is staying in her grandmother's house in the village (near Novi Grad, about 1 1/2 hours from Banja Luka) to look after the pig... And here they are, aren't they cute?!
The pig's fate is that sometime mid-to-late December, she will become pork, but until that time someone has to stay in the village to feed her (ok, and the chickens). Sofija is just studying for exams, (no lectures) and so she can stay there and look after the pig and study at the same time. When she told me she was going to do that, I asked if I could invite myself for a visit so as to get away from Banja Luka and also break the monotone for her a bit... and luckily she said she would love me to come and visit and see what village life is like :)

This weekend was the first time I had the time and the car, and so I asked if I could come today. It turned out that as Sofija had some exams this week, so she and her sister, Una, were actually changing places today... And so it actually worked out great! Instead of both of them taking the bus, I was able to take Una (and her boyfriend, Zlaja) there and then drive back with Sofija... so I was able to help them out and at the same time see more of what life is like in the village... and I got to meet the poor pig before she becomes pork!

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