Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kid's Action Day 10.11.12

The third Kid's Action Day for the children from our Child Sponsorship Project (and other friends!) took place today - 10.11.12 :) My Finnish colleagues, Rami and Katja-Maaria, along with Ljilja and others, organised a fantastic day for all of us and we had a great time...

We started off as usual with a couple of songs. The photos are all by one of the volunteers, Sasa, and I really enjoy this more "arty" photo of Rami and I leading the singing:
After that it was time for 3 little dramas: here with Tanja and Natasha (two more volunteers) acting as mother and daughter:
They were all to do with trying to stay safe from strangers or bad people... Here is Ljilja getting the kids to explain what they were about...
And then it was time for the fun and games: There were a couple of new stations this time: Tanja was running the "mouse-catcher": the wooden "mice" come out the tubes and you have to try and push them into the container...
Tanja's husband, Aco, was running the "snagator"(strongman) station: hold on to 2kgs with straight arms as long as you can...
Another new game were the string cars:
 From the other side: you have to wind the string up to pull them towards you:
 Also new was the Limbo: How low can you go!!:
and lastly wooden spoon hockey:
Some of the old favourites were still there: Chopstick sweets
 Beauty salon:
Face (and hand) painting:
 Hairdryer basketball: (new volunteer, Zaklina, helping little Boki)
Slingshot (again with Zaklina!)
And I love this picture of Ljilja helping little Boki:
 And the last station is a firm favourite: sword fighting:
After an hour and a half of going between the stations and it was time for some more songs, here with our helpers doing the actions "He's got the whole world in His hands"!
And then the top three at the limbo got to compete to see who was the best... yes, Marko can go really LOW! He and Jovan tied at this level...
And lastly we found out who the strongmen were: again Marko, with Matej and Mihajlo:
Then it was time to say goodbye until the next time... Thanks to all the great volunteers who helped make it a fantastic time for all the kids and us!

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