Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Club prizes

Last night it was time to hand out the prizes for this half of the year to the kids who come to our book club at the Children's Home. We had 16 books as prizes because 4 out of the 20 children had lost their books. Those 4 kids got prizes as well, but their book prizes were given to the library as we had to replace their books! So, instead we gave them some small things as consolation: (and as usual I had to cut David out of the picture as he was making a funny face). Maja, Dijana, me and Stefan:

And Stefan was most happy about the bag the gifts came in: :)

Then it was time to give out the books. We had put a poem in the front of each book: It was Tanja's  idea, so I got her to read it out to the kids: It is a great poem and I was so excited when Tanja suggested it, as it really fit in well with the whole idea of book club! I have included the poem and translation as well:

Otvori knjigu i na put kreni,
raširi srce, otvori čelo,
zaplovi beskrajnim morem što peni,
na vrh planine popni se smelo.

Knjiga ti maštu čudesnu budi,
svakog u svoje korice prima,
njom se spajaju vreme i ljudi,
za svako pitanje odgovor ima.

I u snovima, a i na javi,
neka te nosi njena lepota,
večito putuj u svojoj glavi,
ostani putnik cijelog života.
                           Irena Tiodorović

(My attempt at translation is below:)


Open a book and start a journey,
Widen your heart, open your mind,
Sail the endless foamy sea,
Climb boldly on the mountain top

A book wakens your miraculous imagination,
Each is received in its covers,
It joins time and people,
For every question it has an answer.

And in dreams, and in reality,
Let her beauty carry you,
Traveling forever in your head,
Staying a traveler all your life.

As you can see, it is a great poem and hopefully it will open the kids eyes to the need to keep reading!! :) 

Below are Dragana and I with her book: all the 2-4th graders got a book out of the series "Geronimo Stilton" (or as it is in Serbian "Dzeronimo Stilton") and they were all very happy!
When we decided to give books, we went to a bookshop to just ask them if they could possibly give us a discount and they gave us 20% off the wholesale price (which is already discounted)! So we were very excited as we were able to give them quality books at a good price! Thank-you Euro- Giunti!

Here are most of us with our books (some of the older kids had already disappeared... they all got books from a series called "Hit books for children", including Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland among others): It is really hard getting pictures with children! 
And after that I got this fantastic candid shot of Sara showing Sofija her book. I just love the fact that it is not posed and is totally spontaneous... she is just so excited about her book :) This is why I do what I do!!
 Then it was time to hang out with our favourite volunteers!! Mira and Milijana:
 Danijela, Jovana and Dragana:
 Suzana doing Dragana's hair:
I don't have any good pictures of the rest of the volunteers with the kids, but everyone had a great time! And at the end Stana just had to do Natasha's hair:
 The finished result:
 And a photo of the two lovely ladies (Stana hates having her photo taken, so this is real treat!)
I am so happy with the way this project has gone this past three months. We have great, motivated and regular volunteers, the kids have been excited about it, and it definitely has impacted not just on their reading, but also just knowing that we do care about them! And even while I am in South Africa, we are busy organising poetry evenings with a local poet, so that the volunteers will keep visiting with the kids, which makes me really happy!!

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