Sunday, October 21, 2012

Too many people...

As almost 30 people showed up for the business training on Thursday, Ljilja and I decided to divide them into two groups, and work the weekend to get the second group in around the same time. So we had group 1 on Thursday and Friday, group 2 on Saturday and Sunday and the same will happen next week - giving them a week to do their "practical" in between. (In the first group there was a photographer with a lovely Nikon camera, so you will be able to tell which are his photographs, and which are with my little point&shoot canon. Thanks Sasa for your photos!)

Both groups were a lot of fun, and working with Ljilja has also meant it wasn't as exhausting for me, as working in my second language means it does take it out of me... but having extra help has meant doing two groups back to back wasn't too bad (but ask me next Monday what I think - after we have done it again!!)

Here is most of the the first group during negotiations on the second day of training: 
 Working on supply and demand with the "resellers":
Ljilja doing the "life cards" with one group: Life happens, even in a business simulation game! (I love this photo as it just captures the moment)
Here is the first group - and yes the weather has been really good for October!
Group 2, and Ljilja was more hands on: Explaining how things work in the game:
And here "helping" with the negotiations:
I still did the summary at the end...
Here is a picture of group 2 from today, but 4 were missing, so we will have to take another photograph next week...

Even though it is more work, I think having too many people wanting to do our training is a good problem to have!

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