Monday, October 29, 2012

Business training finished...

After having to do two groups because too many people came to the training, we combined the two groups at the end. After we finished off group two last night, we had group one join us so they could all get their diplomas together. In total 23 people graduated, above are pictured the 17 who were there last night. Now they (those that are interested) have two weeks to write out their business plans and to apply for one of our small micro-loans which we will give out by the end of November.

Both groups were great and Ljilja and I had fun with them. It is always sad when a course like this ends, but I know that many will be back to hang out with us at IHTUS! 

Here are some of the (translated) comments about what they learned from the course:
-On this course I learnt how to do business in a simple and fun way. The game is very interesting and it fulfilled my expectations, and I learnt a lot about how to organise the work I am currently doing and the negotiation and communication skills which are important for me in my work.

-We learnt how to plan with our own resources, how to make a profit and along with everything else, we learnt how to work in a team - ie how to make your job easier by working together with other people and in that way get a better result.

-I learnt how to communicate better, work together with others, and I put theoretical concepts into practice. I also realised the importance of planning and budgeting and savings.

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Shilo said...

Yeah! and WOW! 23!

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