Sunday, September 09, 2012

YWAM Global Leadership Gathering

Being at Harpenden for the YWAM GLG has been a life changing experience. It will be a milestone in my life where I look at things and think "before" and "after". I was privileged to be amongst almost 300 leaders from around the world from YWAM - part of what they called the "emerging leaders track" (although many of the leaders were very definitely emerged!). The whole conference met corporately every morning and evening and some afternoons, and our track met in the "free" afternoons, so it was a BUSY schedule, but it was amazing... amazing...

The founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham and many of the main leaders were with us:
And besides YWAM speakers, we were really blessed with some amazing speakers from outside, challenging our thinking in many areas...

And blessed in other ways as well, for instance, Graham Kendrick led worship times on a couple of the days...and the rest of the time we had fantastic YWAM worship leaders, so the worship times really were a blessing!
Our emerging leaders track was taught by many different people including Loren's amazing wife, Darlene:
We wouldn't be YWAM without praying for the whole world: here using a map to aid us:
The weather was uncharacteristically sunny and warm for England:

And being in England, we were blessed on the last afternoon with a High Tea:
Complete with cucumber sandwiches:
I don't have a photo of all 5 of us who came from the Central European region, but we had a good time being here together, including a couple of outings to the pub :-). Doris who works in the Czech Republic and I stayed in the lovely home of Nigel and Sally, which was such a blessing! And it was great that each evening we got to spend a bit of time with people not in YWAM and debriefing a little bit by telling them what amazing things had been going on that day:
And the things I love the most about these big gatherings is being able to connect with people (below I am with Penny my ex-roommate...who is now serving in Thailand, and we haven't seen each other in almost 13 years). It is the reason we make the effort to come together in every level of YWAM, and even though it isn't always easy to get to the places, it is definitely worth it!

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