Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reading can be fun!

So, after going to the library last week, last night it was time to run the "Book Club" at the Children's Home. First the kids wrote a postcard to a friend about the book that they had been reading: The 5-8th graders take this quite seriously:

As do many of the 1-4th graders (here are Danijela and Gaga with new volunteer, Milica): They had the same assignment, but then could also draw about the story as the picture on the postcard, the 5-8th graders are too serious for drawing :-)
Two new members of Book Club: Kiki in first grade (who is still learning to read) with Aleksandra, a new volunteer: 
And two old ones: Mira with Milijana:
And two of my favourite old members, Tanja, who leads the 1-4th grade group, with Luka, who is already in 3rd grade!
And just to prove that we do have some fun in my 5-8th grade group: here we are playing the game I made up for them... shhhh don't tell them they are actually learning while having fun!
Two more new volunteers: Sandra and Jovana asking a riddle or a question during the game:
And somehow this group all managed to land on one square!!
So, as you can see, reading (or at least book club) can be fun!! 


OliveTree said...

This looks like a great book club! Is this volunteer, beyond your teaching job?

Belinda Chaplin said...

No, actually all that I do is as a volunteer - including the English!

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