Sunday, September 16, 2012


When I first moved to Bosnia almost 12 years ago, I was privileged to spend a great chunk of my time in language learning. I went to classes in the morning, and the rest of the day I was meant to spend using the language I was learning. We focused on learning language that we needed: so I would learn the sentences "Do you have a battery for my watch?", "How much does it cost?" and the possible replies. I would then go out and try and find myself a watch battery. It was sometimes fun, other times really hard.

Now, yesterday, while shopping with Mom (who leaves tomorrow, wah), I saw prestik/blu-tack here in Banja Luka for the first time! I am sure it has been around, but I haven't seen it before... I was so excited, we had to take a picture of it (which I am sure people found really strange, but not as strange as they thought I was in my following story...)
I remember trying to find it in Zenica within about 3 months of getting to Bosnia. I went to every shop that could possibly sell it (from stationers to building suppliers) and asked my question: "Do you have something like putty which I can use to stick pictures to the wall?" They all understood my question, (which was evidenced by the fact that they tried to sell me other things that could stick pictures on the wall), but NONE of them had EVER seen prestik before, so they all looked at me like "poor thing, is she right in the head?" Seriously, it was hard to keep going, but I was determined to at least TRY to find it... but it was pretty hard when everyone was thinking that I was completely barmy... I finally got some sent to me by a friend, and I was tempted to go back to each of the stores to show it to them, and prove I wasn't mad, but in the end figured it was better to leave well enough alone!

At the time I wrote an article for my Church newsletter, using the analogy for the good news of Jesus Christ. Many people in the world haven't seen prestik and don't know what it is like at all. And so, they look at you like you are crazy when you are trying to explain it to them. The same thing is true of the good news: it doesn't really make sense to those who haven't experienced it. And so, people who have experienced it, go and live in places where people don't know about the good news and put life to it: showing God's love to those who are searching for Him.

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