Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nick Vujicic in Serbia and Croatia

I did a book review in July of one of Nik's books "Your life without limits" and so I was so excited to hear that he was coming to Serbia and Croatia. I didn't have a chance to hear to any of his speeches live, but my colleague Sinisa went to Novi Sad last night and my colleagues David and Irena will hear him tonight in Zagreb. Our friends in Belgrade and Novi Sad were doing the organising for his trip and so it has been fun watching them on TV and in the news and all kudos to them for their great work. Ljilja and I did watch a lecture he gave at the Law Faculty on Friday which was live on TV and streamed on the internet when it was live - amazing stuff (some of it he actually does in Serbian, which he knows a little of from his parents and grandparents).

He is also bringing out a new book in October, so if you have a chance buy a copy! Here is a little bit more about it: "Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action:"

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