Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day out in London...with a twist

So, before travelling back to Bosnia with my mom (who is here for a week's visit!), we had a lovely day out in London planned... We were to meet up at Victoria and go and see two shows in one day. But, it almost didn't happen at all.

The first hiccup was when Mom got off the bus from Oxford at Victoria train station and I was waiting at the bus station... but luckily we both had cell phones with UK numbers, so I was able to phone her and figure out where she was and went and got her...so that disaster was averted.

We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and because the Paralympic wheelchair marathon was on, the plan was to walk to the theatre. We had 2 hours, it was a lovely day and so we wandered along from Victoria until we hit the marathon route. Wanting to take a picture, Mom opened her handbag, and it was then that she realised that her wallet was not in her bag... At the hotel she had put the tickets into her wallet and the wallet back in her bag, so we knew it was there when we left the hotel... So, we knew that some lucky thief had her wallet with her credit cards, some money, and OUR THEATRE TICKETS!!!!!!!

We found a nice bobby (UK police officer) and he told us to go to and report it at the nearest police station (which was back the way we came, and beyond our hotel, oh well...). We got there and they were super super nice, and gave Mom the phone (and looked up the number) to cancel her credit cards so that was one thing we didn't have to worry about anymore. And they said we should try at the theatre because luckily I had booked the tickets on my credit card, and we still had that, so they would probably give us replacements...

Now with time running out, we decided to take a taxi to the theatre... the cab driver took us most of the way but because of the marathon in the middle, dropped us off as close as he could and told us where to go instead of driving us all around London and charging us a huge amount - thereby restoring our faith in humanity!

And luckily we made it to the first theatre with 10 minutes to go, and with a bit of convincing got our replacement tickets for... see if you can work it out from this photo:
Yes, you got it, we went to see the AMAZING performance of the LION KING!!!!!!!!!!!

Words cannot describe how wonderful the show is, and after all the hoopla with the wallet, I had a real sense of God's blessing coming through despite the devil trying to ruin it all for us. I was reminded of this during the show, when little Simba was completely surrounded by the hyenas and is trying to roar at them with their pathetic little roar and then you suddenly hear Mufasa's HUGE roar coming through... it is like that in our lives: we can feel surrounded and trying to conquer all in our our own strength, but when God comes through for us, nothing will stop Him!

Then it was just a short walk up the road to the Shaftesbury where we watched a wonderful (but completely different show from the Lion King!) performance of ROCK OF AGES!
And our claim to fame is that we found this great little cafe to have dinner in round the corner from the theater and were sitting at a table next to a fairly large (and charismatic - you couldn't miss her!) black lady. She was obviously a regular there and later we figured out why - when we got to the show, it turned out that she was one of the main performers!!!

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