Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love the Library!

One of the things I most love to do is to stick my nose in a book. I have been doing a lot of it over the summer (which you can tell by the amount of book reviews I have on this blog!). It has been too hot to fall asleep until late, and then in the morning the light wakes me up earlier, so there has been a lot of reading and not so much sleeping! But I am not complaining, I love reading and it is a love that I gained as a child reading early in the morning in my Granny's bed! Instead of going to my parents to wake them up, I always knew Granny would be awake and I was only allowed to be with her in bed if I kept quiet and read. So I did!

So, one of the projects that I am most happy about is the reading club at the Children's Home. We have had a break over the summer, but I took the 12 1st-4th grade kids to the Children's library this morning... It was a little bit chaotic, so no pics, but I do have this one from when Minna was here in May - Sara was doing her hair for her: 
And despite the fact that it is quite a responsibility to take 12 kids (who generally act out if given the chance) in the kombi by myself to the library (where I am met by 1 or 2 other eager volunteers!), I was reflecting after this morning on how much I do love to take them. And luckily they usually listen to me and behave themselves... 

As it is school holidays we had a bit more time there than usual today, so we managed to get good books for all of the kids - and this morning saw 4 of the kids even taking out school assigned reading books! As they choose their own books to make it more fun for them, they usually choose easier options - but today THEY wanted to take them out!!! Success! And during the time at the library we played, watched cartoons, had fun and HUGGED a lot! I said to Ljilja when I got back, even though it takes a lot out of me, I do get my hug quota in! ;-) 

I really want them to know that reading can be fun, and to fall in love with it as I have, but more importantly, I want them to know that God loves them and that I love them. I know that it is not always easy, but for the most part, it is worth the effort! 

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OliveTree said...

Well done! What a wonderful ministry and service to take these kids to the library. I love reading myself, so I can understand your enthusiasm for introducing the kids to more books. Keep up the good work!

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